Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Future Politicians and Boo on Arizona!

I took Kylie and Cory to the March 4 Schools Rally in Phoenix today. We rode on a bus with people from our school and district. It was really neat. I hope it makes a difference, because I sure as heck don't know how I will teach 40 students next year. More importantly, I do not want my own children in classrooms of 40 next year. It makes me sad to think people I see as friends may not be there with me next year. I know every business is going through hard times and so many people are getting laid off, but we are talking about our children. They should not have to feel the effects of what's going on. But that's exactly who will feel it with our state's proposed budget cuts. I was looking at the rally information online. I was pretty annoyed at what some people think. I read that teachers aren't teaching in Arizona. Really?!?! Wow. What do they think we do all day? Do you know Az is actually 51st now (below Puerto Rico) in per pupil funding? They've got to be kidding me. Part of me seriously wants to go to a state where educators and education are valued a little bit more. Why is Az like this? It makes me not even want to go to work tomorrow. It seems that no one values what I do what's the point? Oh yeah, those 30 little kiddos smiling at me every morning..waiting to tell me all about what they did yesterday...waiting to tell me what they looked up about the Civil War...telling me they practiced their math facts and they just know they will pass their timed test today...telling me how pretty I am (lol)...they're the point! Come on Arizona!!! Let's get it together. Recession or not. We can't do this to our AZ kiddos!


MonicaMae17 said...

Nice work sister! Hopefully things won't be as bad as they sound for you and everyone else next year. Stay positive!

The Martin Family said...

I just realized you aren't on my list to view our blog. Send me and email and I will get you invited.

The Martin Family said...

Nevermind, I found your email address and already sent it.