Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We have been busy this summer. It's already almost halfway over with! I have been taking an online class and an in person class. I just wrapped up the online one. Thursday is my last in person class. I'm supposed to be writing my final paper for it right now, but of course, I'm not. Then, I have one last online course that starts in July. Then, I'm officially done with course work. I just have to intern in the fall and I graduate. Please mark your calendars for December. There will be a huge graduation party, most def.

I went to Vegas in May with the teachers. We had a ton of fun! Good times. All I have to say is Kaycie and I should apply to be on the Amazing Race.

We go to Cali to visit Mo on Friday. Should be great.

We go to the library a lot, swim a lot, hang out a lot. Cory gets tutored every Tuesday and Thursday. Oh, and we sleep a lot. Thank goodness for sleeping in two months out of the year. I have been getting up at 5 though to jog. I go back to sleep, of course!