Sunday, November 23, 2008


Less than one month til I graduate!! It's the one bright spot in my otherwise bleak life right now. You're all invited to my graduation, and more importantly, to the party afterwards at my parents house. Invitations will be coming soon and thanks Aleisha for making them!

The top pic is Master's '08 and the bottom one is Bachelor's '01. Funny how my hair came back around to short blond. Lol.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

California Knows How To Party

So, Aleisha and I drove to Newport Friday to surprise Monica for her birthday. We got there before her and hid in her bathroom. We scared her. It was pretty funny. We had an amazing dinner, then not such an amazing time at I Lounge. Let's just say Monica had to hold Aleisha back from breaking some chick's face. Lol. Saturday we went to the beach. It was gorgeous. We met a guy who laid down in front of us so we would walk over him, like a speed bump. He was pretty funny. We ended up going to his house for a little get together. It was hilarious. Seriously, probably the most fun I've had in years. Then, we ended up at Rudy's. Also an amazing time. I honestly don't think I've had more fun with my sisters before. This picture is from dinner. And, ps...we aren't bending down. Those girls are THAT much taller than us shrimps.