Sunday, September 14, 2008


I love Max, but he has an obession with my shoes. Notice my shoes pre-Max and post-Max. I might just have to kill him. And anyone who knows me knows these are my two favorite pairs of shoes I own. I LOVE my black sling back peep toes with the bows. LOVE them. And my gold shoes..don't even get me started. I'm in love with them. I've only worn them ONCE. WTF.


Carole adivses for ASU. Saturday's game against UNLV was staff appreciation night, so her and 4 other ASU advisors got to watch the game for the 1st half on the field. Well, one of the advisors didn't show, so I got to go on the field, too. Sweet. This really cute guy named Skip who works for ASU was down there with us. He had to go get new people at half time to bring down. I told him where Carole and I were sitting and said, "If they don't show, come back and get us!" So, sure enough, he came and found us in the stands and we got to go back down to the field. So we were on the field for almost the entire game. It was crazy. I loved it. I was standing on the other side of the net where the punter practices kicking the ball. I thought he was going to take my head of every time. Thank goodness for strong nets. We were right next to the players. We heard all their bad words, saw all the spitting, etc. It was crazy. There was tons of commotion. We had to stay out of the way of Fox Sports Net camera people and all their dang cables. I thought we might get taken out by the players a couple of times. Anyway, ASU lost in overtime. :( It was such a fun experience though. Shout out to Skip for hooking me up. :) And thanks Carole!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We LOVE the cabin

The cabin is so fun. Ok, I admit it, I'm the first one to say, "I don't want to go." I hate the packing and not being home all weekend because nothing gets done, but I love it once I'm there. It's fun to be with my family. The house is amazing. We stuff ourselves silly and the weather is beautiful...gorgeous. Max is so well behaved up there..way better than here. Plus he just tires himself out running around outside all day. Come to think of it, so does Cory. Cory and Max are similar in so many ways. Lol. We love it. Can't wait for the snow! No, I won't be in it, but I love looking at it from inside the cabin by the fireplace with some hot chocolate.