Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am feeling so spoiled lately. First of all, my mom and brother gave up a good part of their Friday to bring me a couch and help me figure out what was wrong with my battery. Then, my family gave up their WHOLE Saturday to move me to Gilbert. They didn't just move us then leave, they stayed and unpacked, hung pictures, organized things, and cleaned things. They were amazing. Then, my coworkers are always offering to loan me money for groceries, roach spray (lol), or whatever I need. They really are the best. One of my student's moms made the most delicious dinner for us and dropped it off to welcome us to the neighborhood! Then to top it all off, tonight Theo and Josh had us over. Josh went to Checker and got new battery terminals for my battery AND installed them. It took a couple hours and he missed American Idol. :( I just can't help but feel totally loved. I am SO lucky to have such good, caring family and friends. I love you all and just wanted to publicly thank you all!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Queen Creek

As I pack up my life into boxes, I can't help but feel a little sad. While I hate living in a half abandoned neighborhood in the middle of nowhere, I was nothing less than thrilled to purchase my very own home...all by myself. It was an accomplishment and I was proud of myself. Well, I failed as a homeowner; which is hard for me to swallow. I put a lot of love into this house. I painted it all by myself, well with a little help from the twins. I hung the curtains, installed the ceiling fans (with assistance, of course), and took care of the yard.

Both of my children lost their first teeth in this house. They also learned the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are not real in this house. I look around and see memories. Like when Cory put a hole in the wall with the handle of my resistance band, our sleep overs in the front room together as a family on Friday nights after we watch a movie, the forts the kids built, the night Kylie left cheese out because she googled how to catch a ghost and a site told her it could be done with cheese, the time Cory cut his head on his ceiling fan, all the secret spy missions the kids have done in this house, the mouse in our garage, bike rides in the neighborhood, getting Max, then Libby, then having to give Libby away, Cory getting glasses, my kids started kindergarten while living in this house, all the laughs, the tears, the love we have shared is in this house. Oh if these walls could talk......

I have always had a hard time accepting change. I know life changes. If it doesn't, we get stagnant. We have to change to grow and learn. I have learned a lot from living here over the past almost 4 years. I know that we will be happy in Gilbert. I know that it will be a positive things. We will never forget our first home in Queen Creek though. We will miss you. :(